Pre and Post Orthopaedic Surgery Rehabilitation

We offer a range of physiotherapy services in the preventive, treatment and rehabilitation phases. Home Health Rehab physiotherapists will conduct a detailed assessment of your condition and formulate a specific home exercise program as well as the use of hands-on physiotherapy approach (such as massage and mobilization) if required, to help relieve the pain, restore your function and improve mobility and quality of life.


Our physiotherapists are experienced in the pre-habilitation and rehabilitation of:

  • Total knee replacement
  • Total hip replacement
  • Spinal surgery (fusion, laminectomy, discectomy)
  • Shoulder surgery
  • Hip surgery
  • Knee reconstruction and repair
  • Foot and ankle surgery

Prehabilitation - What can we do to help prepare you for surgery?

If you are planning on having a hip or knee replacement the evidence shows:

  • Hip and knee replacement surgery patients who performed water and land based strength, aerobic and flexibility exercises for 6 weeks prior to their surgeries reduced their odds of needing in-patient rehabilitation by 73%.
  • Strengthening prior to surgery results in better outcomes post surgery and a shorter rehabilitation time.

Our physiotherapist can provide you with an individualised prehab exercise program to be performed in the comfort of your own home as well as providing education around expectations for recovery post-op. We believe in empowering the individual with rehabilitation information and timelines to recovery prior to surgery.

Rehabilitation – What can we do to help maximize you recovery after surgery?

Evidence for rehabilitation post total hip or knee replacement has demonstrated:

  • Early mobilisation is the gold standard for achieving functional mobility after joint replacement
  • It is possible to improve outcomes related to physical activity by implementing exercises programs carried out at home

After surgery there may be a period where you are unable to drive. This can result in a delayed start to your rehabilitation. We provide treatment and rehabilitation to people in their own homes to enable people to have the earliest possible start on their rehabilitation.

We provide education, exercise programs and manual therapy to our clients, enabling them to maximize their strength, mobility and return to everyday activities.